Winter Skin Tips

Winter Skin Tips


Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

With less moisture in the air and indoor heaters in winter, the skin starts to dry out, making it difficult to replenish moisture loss!
Even after a shower, we loose some of the moisture on the surface of the skin.

One key point is to upgrade your summer moisturizer or add an oil-based serum to your existing skincare routine.

Winter Skin Tips for maintaining your skin's GLOW!

  • Exfoliate! No matter how many creams or serums you apply to your skin, without some exfoliation, dry skin will stay dry! The skin needs to be buffered, a mild glycolic with anti-ageing peptides for extra benefits to enable the products to penetrate and start to work. Try our Resurfacing Serum with glycolic and copper peptides for anti-ageing benefits.
  • Antioxidants - regardless of the weather, the skin is affected by free radicals so apply your antioxidants as a first LAYER +  a SERUM with an oil component. Try our C Anti-Ageing Serum with ascorbic acid, one of the most potent form of Vitamin C for the skin and glucosamine helps to improve moisture content and good hydration.
  • Find an oil-based serum rather than water-based to replenish and help prevent further dehydration. Please note that the oil-based serum's ingredients must be very compatible with our skin's oils not to leave an oily residue on the skin's surface. For example, try the Therapy Serum that contains only two ingredients – Squalane that comes from olives and
  • Jojoba Oil that comes from the seeds  of the jojoba plant – both are super compatible with our skin and  NO fragrance.
  • Use a weekly mask that you can leave on overnight – try our Hydra Mask; it is super hydrating and can be left on overnight as it has a clear texture – further, apply your night cream on top to wake up with a healthy glow!

Winter and the skin are not best friends or a perfect match, consequently to survive until spring, make sure that you make a few changes to your existing skincare routine.