Get the Most Out of Your Skin Care

Get the Most Out of Your Skin Care

Get the Most Out of Your Skin Care

A Gorgeous Complexion will need Commitment!

The holy grail of a gorgeous complexion is a well-balanced, well-designed routine. From heavily involved to simple, there’s no wrong way to establish an effective daily “must-do”, but there are certainly ways to ensure that you are optimising your skincare routine. With different skin types, there is no way that one routine can fit all!!

Below you will find the essential steps in any routine.

Sequence Matters

If you don’t apply your skincare in the correct order, you will likely not see the anticipated results because the products will not absorb appropriately UNDER the skin due to the build-up of skin oils and or dead cells. So, our #1 tip is to know what order to apply your products for optimal results.     

Skin Care Steps You Need to Know

  • Cleanse, every skincare routine starts with a good cleanser.
  • Serums, treat yourself! First, the Cleanser will do a job, now is time to deliver the actives.
  • Hydrate, eye area since this skin area is very delicate and will require proper hydration and attention.
  • Moisturise, lock in the hydration with a daily moisturiser!
  • SPF, never skip this step; you might want to use a tinted moisturiser with SPF.
  • Once or twice a week, subject to your skin type, exfoliate.

The essential steps in your skincare routine are straightforward to follow. You can also combine in One-step 2 benefits like a tinted moisturiser with an SPF and a cleanser with exfoliating properties Two-steps in one. A serum can also have double benefits, such as anti-ageing and hydrating or exfoliation and anti-ageing. All our products have a design criteria to give you maximum help with one product; consequently, our range is easy to apply.  All the steps are crucial for healthy, radiant skin.

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