Squalane, One of the Most Sought After Skincare Ingredient

Squalane, One of the Most Sought After Skincare Ingredient

Squalane, One of the Most, Sought After Skincare Ingredient

Squalane Doesn't Just Hydrate!

Squalane is essential for our skin and is necessary for the skin's barrier. However, as we get older, our moisturizing system doesn't always provide enough hydration. Squalene has excellent moisturizing capabilities, emollient properties and antioxidant benefits – it's a must-have since it hydrates, and the antioxidant properties can help slow down the ageing process.

Squalane is derived from olives, manufactured through refining the oil and purifying and has a unique molecule similar to the oils that our skin produces. Consequently, it is light and quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling silky and smooth, improving elasticity and protecting against moisture loss.

Please note that vegetable oils consist of long molecules made of fatty acids – squalene is a unique molecule completely different to long molecules; it is light and easily absorbed by the skin since it mimics our natural oils

Squalene Leaves the Skin Silky and Smoother

  • An excellent natural emollient that helps to smooth and softens skin;
  • Enhances elasticity;
  • Creates a luxurious silky skin fee; and
  • It is a natural antioxidant.

Suitable for most skin types looking for locking in hydration. Dry, mature combination skin will benefit from Squalane – even oily skin is ideal because it balances the amount of sebum the body makes - since it mimics what we naturally produce.

Try our Therapy Serum. It contains Squalane and Jojoba Oil - again, the oil has a similar molecular structure as the natural wax esters on our skin. Jojoba is rich in nutrients, vitamins and omegas – only two ingredients in our Therapy Serum will make a great addition to any skincare regimen – can apply as a layer with any other active serum for extra benefits.