Maskne and what causes it!

Maskne and what causes it!


But What Exactly is Maskne and What causes It?

Regularly wearing a mask can have an unfortunate side-effect: mask-induced acne, aka "maskne". The constant rubbing of a mask against our skin can cause micro-tears, allowing easier entry for bacteria and dirt to clog up our pores.

Skin irritation that is formed by excess pressure, heat and rubbing – initially becomes rough and then can develop acne-like bumps and possible conditions like dermatitis and rosacea. As we get used to wearing a mask during the current conditions, our skin needs extra care. front line health workers are experiencing skin injuries and bruises from wearing protective equipment during their long shifts. Face masks which we all now use, on and off, throughout each day can cause a similar impact on our skin. 

Masks Are Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Wearing face mask will create friction, causing some disruption on the surface of the skin – the synthetic fibres that are in use can lead to increased skin perspiration that mixes with oil and makeup will lead to breakouts and conditions like dermatitis and rosacea. While the term maskne may be new to many, it has been around for a while in professions where wearing a mask on a regular basis is mandatory. What the skin needs at this time is to add additional products that soothe, calm and balance. One crucial step to combat maskne is to avoid thick occlusive skincare creams. Use more lightweight water-based products underneath the mask; a lightweight moisturiser can also act as an additional protective barrier effective against chafing.

Tips and Tricks

  • Wash your mask often with a gentle detergent and dry in the drier
  • A disposable mask is disposable, meaning one wear only
  • Focus on improving the skin barrier by using products that calm, soothe and reinforce the skin's protective barrier. Try our Hyaluronic Serum and Therapy Serum
  • Cut Back on Makeup that can block the pores, use a tinted moisturiser with zinc; it can help as a barrier. 
  • Use caution when exfoliating if you are using a mask for long hours, do not exfoliate on the day or for 24 hours
  • When at home wash your face and apply super hydrating skincare like Therapy Serum or appropriate for your skin type without being too aggressive on the skin

Wearing a mask is of most importance under current conditions to help protect others and yourself, as indicated by Health Department Directives.