Stay in and Stay in Touch

Stay in and Stay in Touch

Stay in and Stay in Touch

Challenging Times

Here at SKNtech, we want to let you know that as hard as it is the challenging times that we are going through we have to keep healthy, look after each other and our neighbours or someone in need.

If you are working from home, make sure that you do have a routine and take some time out a couple of times throughout the day for better productivity!!! - If you are at home, not working, there are lots of online things to do and learn.

Home School Learning

A routine for the kids and  yourselves is a must. You will probably feel like a Headmaster at the beginning of the day organizing lessons /printers/ computers and breaks so again “Me time” is a must !!

“Me Time” Ideas

  • A cup of your favourite healthy drink in a peaceful place at home
  • Create a group for video chat once a week
  • Visit online museums/libraries/places
  • Download apps of your favourite things to do

Here at SKNtech, we encourage “Me time” so we can take our mind off this challenging time. Also, we have made a few adjustments in the name of keeping everyone safe to ensure the wellbeing of everybody. Some colleagues are working from home, and our warehouse is still operating with online orders. If you want to take some “Me time” and want to get in touch re-skin issues say, tips or any other queries, please do not hesitate in contacting SKNtech via email through

Please stay at home safe and stay calm remember that health is not optional.

I am sending you a virtual hug with lots of best wishes for good health, stand tall, and stay in touch.

Amelia Maranon SKNtech Founder