What is Skinimalism

A name combining skin and minimalism is just that – using just a few products to make your skin look great!!! In just a few simple steps to apply multitasking products. It doesn’t mean that you must give up your favourites. Just cut out the nonessentials. This trend is fashionable for a few reasons: Using a few multitasking products saves money and makes the routine as simple as 123!

Skinimalism Focusses on Efficacy

Simple routines require multitasking products so that you can get enough benefits from fewer product applications. A well-formulated product can contain more than one active ingredient at the correct skin ratio to allow the natural skin to shine through. Consequently, instead of using two serums, look for a serum with at least two actives; for example, our Hyaluronic Serum contains Hyaluronic and Peptides for anti-ageing, so it achieves the multitasking philosophy.

How to Transition to a Simple, Effective Routine

  • Identify your primary concern and form a protocol from there.
  • Choose a cream for use day and night - Multi-Complex Peptide Cream.
  • Swap your foundation for a tinted moisturizer with SPF - Daily Skin Tint SPF30.
  • A multitasking serum that addresses the main concerns - Hyaluronic Serum.
  • A multitasking cleanser to provide extra hydration and/or antioxidant-rich – RC Cleanser.
  • Add your favourite to your daily routine – Peptide Eye Lift and/or C Intense Serum or Retinol.
  • 5 to 7 products is a good start; remember to review all products subject to seasonal changes.

Start now with multitasking products to achieve healthy, radiant skin. All of our products have several purposes, helping you to simply your daily routine

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