It Is All About The Cleanser

It Is All About The Cleanser

It Is All About The Cleanser

Are you using the right cleanser

Cleansing is a vital part of any skincare routine as it removes impurities and build-up of dead skin cells and excess oil. A cleanser can make or break a skincare routine, and many cleansers are equivalent to an essential soap since they are in supply to suit all skin types. A specific cleanser will have added ingredients to suit your skin needs and prepare it for the next step. Knowing your skin type is the first step to choosing the right product and achieving healthy, radiant skin.  

Tips to Choose the Right Cleanser

Choose a cleanser with friendly ingredients, like vitamins and hydration, try to avoid parabens, artificial colours or mineral oil derived ingredients to name a few since some elements can make your skin breakout or become sensitive to some skin types.

Choose a texture that will give you joy since it is the first step to great skin. A cleanser with a luxurious texture and a natural scent will make you feel happier and relax.

Steps to Remember

Enhance your cleanser routine by introducing and exfoliant 2-3 times a week, again try to find a treatment exfoliant cleanser like our Enzyme Power Cleanse that exfoliates with jojoba enzymes and has hydrating properties. Mainstream exfoliants can be more aggressive on the skin since they are by design for all skin types, and the primary function is simply to exfoliate.

Double Cleansing your skin might be appropriate if you have worn a lot of makeup or exposure to pollutants. You might want to use a creamy or gel cleanser first and then an exfoliant cleanser like our Enzyme Power Cleanse. Or use RC Cleanser or our Hydra Cleanser twice, first to remove makeup and pollutants and then to cleanse the skin; subject to skin type and of course, no need to double cleanse every day and night, apply as a treat once or twice a week.  Remember if you are using a cosmeceutical product, it is treating the skin.

Important Practice to establish a routine:

Cleanse day & night, the first step to achieving healthy, radiant skin.