Best Skincare Serums

Best Skincare Serums

Best Skincare Serums

Best Skincare Serums …. Did You Know that when Creating Serums, not all are created equal?

Our serums are super concentrated and contain a potent dose of anti-ageing ingredients most notably peptides, antioxidants and or retinol without a prescription. They are great tools for targeting specific skin concerns. With this not all serums are created equally and depending on what you are aiming for in your skin journey, will depend on what type of serum you use! To find the best skincare serums for you, we can have a look at the two main types, Water Base Serums and Oil Base Serums and each can do wonders for your skin. 

 Water Base Serums absorb much quicker into the skin, and they come in different textures, and the molecules are smaller, so they are more suitable to target specific concerns  - Our favourite is the Hyaluronic Serum because it hydrates and has anti-ageing properties!  

 Oil Base Serums will give you an instant hydrated, glowing look - they promote nutrition and hydration consequently you can use them by themselves or on top of your favourite serum or moisturizer  - Our favourite is our Therapy Serum because it nourishes and hydrates the skin !!

 Some of the best skincare serums act as moisturizers and can be layered, leaving your skin extra hydrated and smooth.

The choice is subject to what type of serum and skin type you have. Some serums have high concentrations of Hyaluronic acid for hydration, while others have ingredients like Squalane derived from Olives to help fortify the moisture barrier. Most often the above serums can be layered, but make sure always to follow instructions on how to apply or contact SKNtech.

Serums containing Vitamin A, C or exfoliators like AHA’s will not be suitable as a moisturizer and never layer the above serums – for layering you need to apply another lipid serum or a moisturizer on top of the active serum

 The above may all sound a little complicated, but rest easy as we have the perfect package to give you everything you need to reach your skincare goals. Simply head over to our best seller page and have a look at our collection and how-to instructions!

So how do you choose the best skincare serums for you?
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